I think I made an enemy

One time I was in a mental hospital, and I was calling Amnesty International on the phone. I had been off my med’s. I got so frustrated I said, “We have Daniel Ortega here, and we are going to shoot him in the head if you don’t listen to me.” (Daniel Ortega was the leader of the Sandinista government in Nicaraugua. I figured that since they were Amnesty International they would know this.) Then this pretty nurse called me to this room with two mental health aids to tell me that she was putting me on Haldol because I was threatening violence on the phone. That made me so mad. I hate Haldol. She told me in a sweet voice that she was putting me on Haldol, but was I supposed to be grateful to her that she told me in a sweet voice she was giving me a chemical lobotomy? I was so mad. I told her I was going to remember this, and I would remember her. I didn’t mean it in a violent way. It was just that it made me so angry that she was putting me on Haldol. I had to vent that anger somehow.

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Well, from a objective point of view I can understand that the nurse reacted when you said such a thing on the phone, at least when they were present. But it’s too bad you couldn’t negotiate another med if there was something else you would rather have.

I suppose so. I tried to explain to her that Daniel Ortega was an icon among the international pundits of the time, and he was a controversial figure, but he was the leader of Nicaraugua at the time and he was thousands of miles away. I think that a woman in her position should be more aware of what is and what isn’t a threat, but that’s just dreaming on my part. It was just that it made me so mad that she was putting me on Haldol.

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