I think I know what I wanna pursue

I’ve been thinking about applying to college. To major in art or religious studies. But now I’ve bought some books on music. I’m reading a biography on bob Marley. I always liked biographies of heroes. Growing up I only read books that were biographies of athletes or musicians. Well that’s what I want to do. Major in journalism and write biographies on musicians. It sounds so fun and something I feel I’m capable of. I could see it now. A biography of one of my favorite current rappers. Written by me…ten years from now. Or even if it’s just articles. Journalism sounds good. Music :notes: too. I love everything about it.

Ok back to reading


College isn’t for everybody. That’s ok!

i had a friend go into journalism, funny i don’t know how he’s doing, havent seen him in 15 years.

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Damn you suck @Enlightenedbeing :smile:

I tell everybody that.

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