I think I have OCD With food Trigger warning eating disorder

I eat healthy very strict for a few days or weeks

And then I eat junk in big amounts for weeks or days.

It’s pretty weird.

But the thing is that I have this natural instinct to eat strict

I feel it is what my body deserves

But then I eat so bad afterwards

It makes me hope this cycle won’t go on forever

But so far for a decade it has.

I bet I’m the only one on the forum who eats like this?

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Have you ever seen a dietitian? :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


It is very strict


No oils

No added sugar

No gluten foods

No dairy

I read things about all this

No proper processed foods like sweets crisps cakes porridge is by definition processed but that’s ok

But I don’t allow myself pasta for example even rice pasta which has no gluten

So it is very strict when I’m on my ‘healthy’ streak

Yes but they say things like oh it’s okay. (eating everything in moderation)

Which I don’t believe

But then bingeing isn’t OK either…

So I hope to break this cycle…


Sometimes I even wonder if I should be eating porridge… That’s how ‘restrictive’ it is.

I’m considering stopping porridge too

The only processed thing I allow on the ‘healthy’ times is non dairy milk so that I can get calcium…

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I hope you find a healthy middle ground and are happy. :koala::koala::koala:

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Thankyou GrayBear :slight_smile:

Wish you well too.

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i feel like i need to fast for 10 days now to feel good for work, with 4 days in between of healthy eating

that is my plan,

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also i started eating organic too.

but it is not expensive my shopping list cos it is mostly just bulk stuff

instead of things like meat and cheese


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What makes you think that could be Ocd?

i am not sure. it is just a possibility i suppose.

because i feel compulsed to eat this way, if i eat ‘normal or moderately’ for the rest of my life, then i feel like i am betraying my own body?

can that qualify as ocd? i am not sure

I think you’re headed into a dangerous territory. You need to get real about this with a therapist. Tell them exactly what’s going on and start working through it with them.

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It doesn’t sound like OCD but it does sound very serious. Please bring this up with your doctor/therapist.

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Porridge is about the best thing you can eat - especially if you throw some fruit in the mix.

thing is that when i eat everything in moderation, i still binge too so it is just about dealing with the stressors in my brain i think.

now that i will be starting work soon, i wont be able to see therapist anymore

it is a challenge i must take up on my own!

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i worry about how the oats are steamed and that it is destroying the oil in the oats and other things too.

not even proven so don’t believe me if you don’t want but this is what my brain tells me right now

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thanks for the responses it is nice to get support :hugs:

I ate like a normal person until I was 13. That’s when my mother got sick. Something triggered your eating disorder. If I could I’d see a nutritionist or eating disorder specialist. I just started my period so I think that has something to do with my recent binge eating.

I think you should talk to an ED specialist. You’ve been struggling with this for so long. You need some peace. Eating Disorders are Hell to live with.

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they don’t really help. they just think i need to see a therapist.

but i wont be able to now as i am working soon

sorry about your mum Loke.

I agree with you i think traumatic things do this to some of us

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