I think I have my migraines under control

First off I’m not 100% sure if this is the right category but I guess this is about my health… I got a daith piercings in both ears and just got done changing them from the bars I had to the hoops my boyfriend and I got for me! They were a little hard to snap but I was tired of just bars…



They have really help with my migraines about a month ago I noticed I haven’t had any


That’s pretty cool if it continues to work.

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This is a positive thing.
I’m happy for you!

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@everhopeful thanks… I hope it continues to work too… I actually read about this piercing before going to get it I also asked the artist about it and they agreed it should help in short term and long term… They said changing to a hoop should help even more than just getting it done

@Wave thank you! I just hope it continues to work


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