I think I have mild OCD intrusive thoughts

I went online on an OCD/intrusive thoughts site based in the UK, and read the posts and felt that I go through the same things of thing posted. don’t know a lot bout this type of OCD but felt i could relate with people who suffer this disorder. Has anyone here suffer from this OCD and is diagnosed? People on the site suffer painstakingly and some have received treatment. Some are afraid of losing their minds or think they did something bad to someone. They worry continuously.

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i have had it for decades since about 13 , it’s fun ( not ).
but doing cbt it is helping heaps…
i watched a u.k documentary recently on ocd sufferers…in my opinion they had it mild…compared to me…but the treatment they went through was quite life changing.
take care

I had OCD as a kid. OCD is very common among us with Tourette’s. I was so deadly fed up with my OCD thoughts and actions that I decided to let my anxiety kill me. I did the opposite of my OCD-thoughts and truly believed I’d die from the panic…but I didn’t. The wierd part is that I got better the more I refused to act on the obsessions.

Today I have some left. But I refuse to act on my thoughts. OCD is no longer controlling me.