I think I got trauma from the ward last year

I think I got some kind of trauma from my second stay at a ward last year

They threatened me with AP short-acting injections and 4 point restraints when I refused to take the sedative they offered (liquid benzo or smth) I was just scared of dying and demanded to get some help (I was having a panic attack but thought I was dying of a heart attack)

Then a psychiatrist came and said if I didn’t take the benzo they would place me on a psych hold and give me the shot and restrain me
neither of those things happened though, they just wrote that I’m against meds in the papers… sigh

I wasn’t psychotic just anxious so I don’t get why, I wasn’t violent or suicidal

this is an average experience but it was shocking to me since it was my 2nd time at the ward

The only time I’ve seen that happen is when the patient is making a huge scene to the point where it is upsetting/triggering other patients, so it is important to calm them down quickly before everyone else flips out too.

Still I am sorry you had to go through that. Very stressful!!


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