I think i got early onset dementia

i cant remember anything.cant get out of bed.sometimes i dont know who iam.iam super tired.

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How old are you? I would visit your dr I often forget what I was going to do or say but your symptoms sound more extreme

have you tested your thyroid level? low thyroid can cause these symptoms. also do check your vitamin d and b12. low levels of these can cause energy issues.

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Get a doctor appointment to discuss
Big good luck
Could be anything at this point

im 39 years old

its wierd i get tons of energy at night.but my brain feels like its shut off.

I’m 61, and I’m starting to wonder if I have early onset dementia. I can expound on learned things, but I might not know how to change a light tube in a neon light. My brain is either manic and fleeting, or depressed. The manic part feels pretty good, but it gets to where it leaves a bad after taste - like eating too much baloney. I wish I could come down from the manic high, but then I get mildly depressed. Sometimes I think I come up with some good stuff when I am manic.

@oulabi is this a recent development or have you been feeling this way for a while? Have you ever had a traumatic brain injury?–That can lead to issues like memory loss.

I thought the exact same thing when my symptoms were worse. I posted about it a couple times on the forum right after joining a little over two years ago. I asked my psychiatrist if he thought I could have TBI (traumatic brain injury) from slamming my head into the wall in jail when I was delusional and he said to me that as long as I had never blacked out from head trauma I should be fine. Mine got a lot better over time with treatment, hopefully yours will too.

i think antisycotic is cause me brain damage

i know this website is pro medication but i just dont see the point of taking these so called medicines.