I think i got a perverted mind

Did you experience looking in the sky and see cloudsymbols like trees, dragons,sheep,faces etc…
I saw last dusk a giant virgina in the sky.


West or just regular?


Wow XD lol sorry for laughing

I’ve had a perverted mind all of my life until the last two years. Not so much anymore. I’m an old lady now. I have to be appropriate.

Sex was on my mind a lot more often before meds. :frowning:

I’ve been more of an immature perv lately than ever before. I make “that’s what she said” jokes, add “in bed” after every fortune cookie fortune, and oogle my husband until he tells me to stop undressing him with my eyes. Well, what else can I undress him with if he won’t let me do it with my hands? So no, you aren’t alone. Although I have admittedly never seen genitalia in the clouds. That’s all on you, buddy.

I feel the same way, sometimes when I have what I like to call a flare up of the disease, almost everything sounds like a sexual innuendo to me lol. It’s pretty weird

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