I think I get triggered over some 'random' shiit

Someone asked me the other day,

Do you wish you could flirt with everyone?

Firstly apparently they weren’t actually talking bout everyone but just some potential dating people. But I assumed they meant all people.

Secondly I got offended cos I felt they thought I wish I could flirt with everyone.

I was like to them, do you think I’m a whore?

I don’t even know what that word whore means thus proving me getting angry.

Idk what came over me :sob:

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You are a sexual human being like the rest of us. No shame needed.

Keep doing your drawings and paintings. You have a lot to offer. Do not sell yourself short.

Sorry that you are going through some ■■■■.

Keep your head about you.



Okay thanks for the reassurance :hugs:


It is just mad how offended I became. I felt like they were looking down on me. But again that cudda been paranoia. Jeez these days are strange

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If they are calling you that then maybe they are bad and you need to find better people?


Agreeing with @Aziz

Kick the toxic people out of your life. BTDT!




Idk what they’re motive was behind that question it could have been very innocent.

But it is amazing how some things can trigger.

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If someone called me a whore I would never talk to them again. But its up to you.


No ■■■■!

Sz sucks and we do not need people’s BS on top of it.



They didn’t actually call me a whore directly.

They just asked me

Do you wish you could flirt with everyone

I can’t remember the context.

Do you think it’s a weird thing to ask me?


Yes its weird. 15


Hahaha… Thanks… I was just wondering. I need validation from other people sometimes


I probably ask weird questions too sometimes.

But man this question also caught me off guard.

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i agree with @Aziz and @ThePickinSkunk no one needs to be that blunt to you

you deserve better


It was just suuuch a funny question idk if he was genuinely just wondering or like looking at me from a disapproving frown.


Was it someone you’re dating? Maybe they’re insinuating they want to be exclusive with you…

We all say things we don’t mean and sometimes come off rude without meaning it. I wouldn’t take it to heart…maybe just forget it or ask them what they meant if you need closure


Flirting doesn’t usually earn you that epithet, you’d have to be sleeping around to get it.

Also, the whole “whore” thing is a double standard. Men are celebrated for having multiple partners while women are shamed for it.


They did explain… But idk I find it hard to trust this person. I don’t even remember the full explanation.

They make me feel a little uneasy.

I’m sure I make others feel a little uneasy too.

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Let’s be clear no one called you a whore. You took it that way. On this site you’ve been posting a lot about dating and your sexuality. If you’ve been talking to someone else about this, that’s probably why they asked you about it. Although they should not have phrased it the way they did. You seem very engrossed about your sex life on this site at least. I’m not offended by it or find it strange, but you do seem consumed by it lately.


Thanks Oolaloolaah :lady_beetle:

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