I think I developed NMS and nobody believes me

Here’s the issue I was on 20mg of Geodon for 3 days then went up to 40mg for 2 days. Last dose I took was Sunday, that night I felt kind of weird. Whenever I started taking the meds I felt dizzy and lightheaded, last Saturday I started getting very confused and having trouble talking and thinking. Sunday night same thing, Monday night I thought I was having a seizure because my head was super tight, same with chin and mouth. I was super confused and lightheaded and could barely talk. I took a klonopin and it relieved the issue. Tuesday I went to the ER in the morning and told them about what happened, still had the weird tight muscle rigidity and some shakiness. Lately since them my head has still been tight like that, and I’ve been so confused and have like no cognitive function either anymore. I can barely remember anything and I went to the ER last night again too, I explained that I may be suffering from the early symptoms of NMS and they said to continue to take the Geodon, I literally refused and said no it will just make everything worse. I need help I definitely think I’m developing the symptoms of it and it’s just gonna get worse.

I don’t know if it’s NMS, but it could be a bad reaction your having to Geodon.
Did you contact your psychiatrist?
I would immediately.


Haven’t contacted doctor yet. But I have an appointment two days from now.


I thought I recently did too but it was just anxiety.

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Can you elaborate a little more?

I had tight, rigid muscles and was sweating pretty bad one night. It was due to being exposed to loud music which bothered me more because my voices were quieter and I was not used to it and concern about family members who I thought were in danger. The danger passed and I eventually relaxed as my mind focused on the fact that it was good to be able to hear the outside World more because that meant I was actually getting better in a way. I am getting used to the outside noises now, my muscles are fine, and the sweating is not a problem now.

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The only difference is that I’m actually in pain from it.