I think I could have handled this better

How easy is it for anyone to get themselves all worked up? I did it last night. I didn’t mean to.

In my head I had a very logical and ordered topic I wanted to address to the parents concerning the fact that they don’t even seem to like or care about the only girl in the family. They never help her.

They just say, “She’s a strong one, she can take it”

I even wrote out some notes to be on topic. But as I addressed this to them I think I got a little accusatory and not very nice about it. Then I started getting a bit more worked up and most likely saying stuff that might have been too harsh and then I just spiraled into something that sort of upset everyone in the room.

My Dad just called and wants to live with us for a few days. In hind sight, I now admit to drama queening it a bit. But the words were coming out faster then I could sort them. I couldn’t stop pacing and then it all got… :boom:

I was wondering… how easy is it for anyone else to get themselves worked up? How do you keep from getting worked up in the first place?

First off, at least you had good intentions and you tried! Yay! But…yeah I get worked up when I’m talking about something that I really believe in or really care about. Before I was diagnosed I was like why don’t people like talking to me anymore? And they said because dude you’re really intense and it kind of freaks them out…sidebar…when I hung out with old friends and people drinking no one minded and everybody chimed in. I used to abuse alcohol to avoid symptoms.

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Being dampened, why would you want to? A schizophrenic has a problem with his or her emotions. They don’t come out right… So when they do come out, why would you want to stop them? Maybe it doesn’t even have to be for a good reason, or even a human reason. Maybe its just your body trying to be normal again…

I see normies do this stuff all the time. And I’m baffled by it… “Emotional over this.” “Emotional over that.” And everybody understands them. It scares me… I don’t. I keep saying: “Lock that normie up!”

Well… this was your turn to get emotional over something. And… have at her, buddy. You go guy… You know what? You can have emotions just like everybody else. And they aren’t dangerous. Just let me go someplace else…

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i can get pretty worked up, and it is easy for that to happen to me. Just know that you can always talk to me about your issues, J, I would be happy to help.

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Thank you for that. You are very kind. I’m trying to find the right level to this new thing called emotion.

I’ve only had 5 crayons in my emotion box for so long I really don’t know how to relate to this new box of 64. There are a lot of different shades of emotion in that new box.

How do other people find the middle of the two ends?

I used to have a short fuse before I got on my ideal medication regiment. I had a lot to complain about, I was high-functioning while suffering beyond most people’s imaginations. I just wanted to escape life, and I often did my drinking heavily.

Now I am very rational and pragmatic, I am kind of numb to problems because I have been through a problem that I thought was unsolvable and merely a curse. I have a very long, damp fuse now. I really just worry about myself and that usually results in me taking actions to better myself. But maybe you needed to let it out. I had lots of times where I needed to vocalize what I was going through.

Distress is a natural and inevitable reaction to our condition, remember that. It would be BAD if you were suffering from schizophrenia and just feeling fine and not thinking that it was a problem…that would mean that you’re so far out of touch with reality that you would have no insight into your condition. Distress is normal and healthy, NOT feeling distress in your situation would indicate that your head is not screwed on right at all. When I first entered complete remission, I just cried my ass off, realizing that every moment of the past year and a half had been nothing more than a nightmare, and it was over.

Schizophrenia is maybe the most distressing thing to live with- it is the most horrific abnormality of the human brain. Don’t beat yourself up for having a healthy reaction to living in a waking nightmare- your reaction is indicative of insight. There were times when I was happy to be delusional and psychotic, I thought people were watching me and trying to kill me or get me to commit suicide and I would just behave psychopathically, I would try to scare them.

You have strong insight, I took me a long time to gain insight and show signs on distress, save for a few intense episodes of screaming uncontrollably. My parents knew I was psychotic before I was diagnosed, but I was in denial and believed some of my hallucinations and all of my delusions to be real until I gained strong insight and quit being in denial.

Distress is normal and it shows that you have insight into being mentally ill. Not having distress is a sign that you don’t think anything is wrong with you.

When something is important to you I think it makes sense to get worked up about it. You probably had a lot to say since this has been bothering you for awhile now. Don’t be hard yourself. It happens.

I think trying to remember to stop and breathe can help. Trying to teach my husband this one.

When I was younger, I had a zero tolerance for ■■■■■■■■. I would tell off my friends when I thought they were lying to me. I spoke my mind very freely. Now that I’ve gotten older and understand what patience is, I am much more agreeable. Not sure anything changed in me, I just got older and mellowed out. I find my Lithium helps ward off the agitation too. My pdoc tried futzing with the dose, and I ended up going back onto my maintenance dose. Not ready to come off of it. A few days ago, I made an ass out of myself in front of everyone here. Don’t want to do that again, so I take my meds and remember: patience, young Patawan, patience.

I think it’s because you got over emotional about it, or maybe you were getting emotional instead of the whole family…you did what most of people do, nothing wrong, I think it’s normal, it’s cute actually, you caring for your sis and that’s cool.

Hey it’s a good thing that your dad is going to stay at your place for a few days, I think you can change the moods a little, do some family stuff activities, remember old stories from childhood, maybe he’d read you and your sis some bed time stories, I love hearing bed time stories from my dad when I’m too depressed…

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