I think I could have gotten married if

we had planned not to live together. I could chose a mate, get married and live apart. Because, knowing me, the closeness of living together would kill the relationship.


I can’t imagine living with someone else all the time.

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It takes work getting along with another person…you have to want it pretty badly or you will just give up…me and Angie live with eachother 24 hours a day and we know each other very well. we used to be on rocky ground…and Angie is quick to pull the I’m leaving card but I know she loves me and wouldn’t really leave me so it’s not so bad…I doubt it will happen again and you just wish for the best each day with the person in your life. I am sorry you aren’t married @chordy @pob I love you both dearly and just want you to be happy.

@jukebox, the ability you have to live with Angie is one of the things I admire about you. I have a lot to learn about social skills, the society of home is one I neglected.

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aww, what a sweet thing to say…you are so kind and I’ve seen your picture…you could find someone and it wouldn’t be anything like living in that group home you are in…less politics…more love. love is good for you.

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I’ll fall asleep thinking about that, although my provider says that I’d never be allowed to leave here.

oh really?? can they do that? are you under court order or something?

It’s not to late to get married again.

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And live apart.

I could have married myself…if I didn’t have schizophrenia.

I was married for eighteen years, right up until I got my diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Then he was gone, taking our son with him.

I am sorry @Sarah I lost my marriage to being delusional too.

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It is very sad @jukebox, but you have found love again. I hope we can all find love someday. I was very delusional at the time believing my husband was trying to kill me by poisoning my food and drink.

he should have stuck around knowing you were delusional…I lost one woman I loved earlier in my first years of falling ill and recovering to sanity…she stuck around but I was changed…she fell out of love with me. Sally was her name. huh, I haven’t thought of her in years…thanks for the memory.

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I left my fiance because I believed the song ‘here I go again (on my own)’ was a message from the universe. 5 years on, 3 on meds, we are great friends and coparents. I couldn’t imagine living with anyone though. I feel I’d ruin it. The negative symptoms and side affects make me fatigued all the time. But I did just start at the gym and am getting looks from women which is as good as being in a relationship for me.I’ve got no time for anyone else. I’m too busy doing nothing haha.


No, I’m not under court order. I think we’re just codependent. Also, I’ve been stable here like never before.

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Blizzard, that made me lol

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