I think I can keep making progress

I don’t wanna be famous but I can continue to make progress eventually I can get a degree maybe do something I enjoy I like so many areas though I dunno how I could pick one. I get distracted a lot by other areas but maybe I can find something eventually. Idk I’m not there yet. If 2014 was my rock bottom then I’ve been steadily improving since which really isn’t that long since how low My Rock bottom was and it wasn’t till 2016 I really made any progress at all. so it’s not even 4 years since I’ve been improving from my worst. So like I wish I could do something either in business, social science or something environmental with animals or something. Those are the three types of fields I would consider pursuing when I’m ready. I hear about The New School in Florida and it’s not far from where my parents have a place probably gonna live 6 months per year there one day and it’s an interesting alternative education maybe I can check it out one day


I think I Just need a vacation. But I don’t need to be famous either

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