I think i am tough sometimes

I used to have very low will-power and never succeeded in doing anything when I was younger.After diagnosed with schizophrenia,first with the help of my family members I started doing exercise everyday,started with jogging then up until now very intense workout.Exercising everyday is something I do which I am very proud of and I had been doing intense exercise for 4 years and it has become a habit which I don’t want to lose.

Unfortunately recently I had Injured my ankle while playing basketball and I cannot workout because of my injured ankle.So I still exercise without using my leg and been doing some arm exercise and sit up for an hour,i find that I had grown tougher mentally and my willpower is stronger now!!


Good for you!
Physical exercise is one of my favorite “meds”.
Makes a world of difference when I walk regularly, and when I broke my foot and was in a cast for 11 months, my mental attitude suffered terribly.

Hope you can keep on exercising and your ankle gets better so you can do more.
You sound strong, and your smart not to lose that habit.


Thanks,exercising really help mental attitude,it just won’t show in the short term and only show when you do it long term

It takes a while to build up momentum to do it regularly, but if I start slow and do more each day, the good results makes it easy to continue each day.


Yes it is,I was depressed when I didn’t get to do my workout.I hope I won’t get too depressed this time round

Not if you keep up your good attitude, you should remind yourself that the ankle problem is only temporary, and it’s easier to keep going on everyday than it is to have to catch up if you stop.

Don’t let your ankle get you down.
You should do fine.
Good luck!


I hate being tough, it makes me ill. I would rather be a lover than a fighter but life makes us be both sometimes, i guess that is why we don’t live as long as other people. I just want to love and be loved, that is what I was created for.