I think I am interested in this!

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Can Michael Jackson be allowed to continue to abuse children…With that I mean that I want a poll if I am popular with you:


  • I like your online personality!
  • I dont like your online personality!!

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SInce it isnt showing in the threads Im going to ask someone i fthey think this online personality is better than the one where Im in a cell because in someones head.

@Wave @agent101g @ZombieMombie @EldarfromRossia @firemonkey

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I think you’re a cool dude!! I like your online personality.

THX Im a scandinavian here on the net also…
Is there more that want to vote

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Interesting I wouldn’t have guessed Scandinavian. But I can see it now. :wink:

I love America athough whats that island called…there next to the behring strait…Wales?? I saw images and it reminds me of somewhere else actually…what time is it in America

742 am here on the east coast

okay GREAT…is it cofee time then its 13:43 in Denmark

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Im related to this guy:

he had a hit song way back

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Two Princes? I actually downloaded that from the store like 2 months ago. I got reminded of it by watching South Park.

Yes its a long time ago…I wouldnt know…Im tired allright…whats happening this morning

I kinda slept during the day yesterday and woke up really early this morning. It’s only 5:02 AM where I am, I’m just watching YouTube news videos since I don’t have cable.

What does liking your online personality have to do with Michael Jackson abusing children??? It sounds like you’re relating yourself to him.

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