I think humans learned about rope climbing from spiders

I was watching a spider come down from the vent in the ceiling. He tested his ‘rope’ several times hopped down a bit then back up to the top then down again till he felt it was good and tight.
Then he repelled slowly down to the floor then let it go and off he went.

It was quite fascinating to watch :blush:

So that’s my theory , we learned to climb with ropes from spiders :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


All’s I know is that nature is far from inefficient. Every creature has a purpose and life is wonderful. Biology is such a cool subject and much of it is watching critters do their thing. I think this is a worthy post and keep on watching.


Yeah it’s quite beautiful to just watch nature do it’s thing. I like watching birds


Anansi, is that you?


I think humans learned about perfume from skunks.

Nature is very fascinating. I believe animals have a lot more going for them than what we call instinct.



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