I think having children is in the gray areas of life

Neither black or white, but a mixture. On the one hand, children are beautiful and cute and on the other hand, they’re a lot of work and a lot of worry. I think it’s best to have a definite plan on how you want to raise your child and what values you want to give to them. It’s nothing to go into blindly.


I remember a study that suggested that childless people are happier than people raising children… but then the reverse becomes true when those kids become adults, meaning parents of adult children are generally happier than people with no children.


I think that raising children makes couples happier since the human species could not survive without procreating the next generation of humans. Single people who are childless bear no burden of having a dependent but also live a life of loneliness with no one to share their time with.

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i’m not allowed to have children and i don’t want them anymore either… i have my nieces and nephew that’s more than enough.

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Having a child added a wonderful explosion of colour to what would have been a grey life.


I think my husband and I are happier without kids.

But most of our peers haven’t started to have children yet.

And we’re starting to get old.

I know my sister will eventually have kids and it may change how I feel about children.

I haven’t fully made up my mind in that department.


There’s no one right answer here. I didn’t think I’d be able to parent. Turns out I’m not bad?!? My kid still hugs me, so there’s that. Life throws curve balls, catch them and get into the game. It’s fun.


Life threw me a curve ball with getting pregnant.

Ended up being the best thing I’ve done in my life.

You’re right, it’s fun to get in the game.


I think people are happier with kids if they WANT kids and feel capable of raising them. Otherwise, people are probably happier without them. Wanted kids are much happier than kids who feel like a burden, and tend to be more successful as adults. Kids who don’t have at least one safe, secure attachment have more trouble mentally and emotionally, and wind up with higher rates of addiction, risky behavior, trouble with law enforcement, enter into abusive relationships, have explosive outbursts, etc.

But that is all just the symptoms we see, because they affect us. Internally, they are more likely to feel useless, worthless, suicidal, and like they don’t deserve love from anyone. Those are the symptoms that need to be treated, and it is tricky because there is no diagnosis for “Did not feel loved as a child” so doctors are just left calling it BPD or PTSD and those don’t really inform anyone how to proceed.


I felt like all I knew was the house we lived in. I’m very glad I never had children. I knew nothing about them and wasn’t particularly interested in learning. The doctor would just call it being negative.

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You are allowed to not want children. No one should feel guilty for that. Having kids out of a misplaced sense of obligation hurts the kids and hurts you. There is nothing wrong with having a kid and giving them up for adoption, either. It is an incredibly brave and selfless thing to do. Of course I feel that way as an adoptive parent, but it’s true. There are tons of folks like me out there, who want kids but can’t or won’t go the biological route.

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I think I would really regret not having kids when I’m old. And so I decided to have one (maybe 2)

I know for a fact it will be stressful for me and all the paranoia I have about my dog will probably be passed to the child.

My kids are my life. They are the only real joy in my life. Baby stage was really tough especially since I had 4 kids within 7 years. But it just gets better. Now 3 are adults and one is 17. I love them so much.

Having said that, I have several friends who decided not to have kids and they are happy to not have them. They spoil their nieces and nephews.


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