I think every real woman needs to unlearn being liked

I see it often on here


My daughter was on Homecoming court

her peers selected that

there can be an ass man, but rarely an ass woman

I’m being true to myself.

it’s not a popularity contest.

Those who don’t respond or accept are denying a strong woman.

Well the reason I didnt respond is because I’m not sure what you are talking about


that makes no sense

I’m not word salad

I’m not far gone

problem on your part.

The same. I never understand daze’s posts.

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You’re the one is too out there.

I don’t understand. Sorry

this site

My God!

Yeah don’t get it. Try again

I made myself clear

nothing further

get a clue.

Could you be more specific?
I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

I’m not trying to insult you, but your sentences seem like you assume we know the meaning behind your words. We’re not mindreaders.

I’m interested in what you mean though


Yeah no offense intended


should I repeat myself?

Ok, anything you say on social media, assuming this is one, should not be a popularity contest.

Real women get out of the high school gig, and then become true to themselves.

Do you get this, or not?


That’s better. It was more coherent this time.
Now I get it.

Now I get it!

What does this have to do with people’s asses though? :thinking:


I think considering it a popularity contest is the wrong view for here. We just trying to be honest and help each other. There is a heart system if you like to get hearts. But I don’t think being a “strong” woman has anything to do with it

You want to contrast being popular with being strong and I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive

did you read the subject of my post

“Real women have to unlearn being liked.”

It’s a contrived notion of settling all their affairs for Hearts.

There’s little brain energy, and probably not much honesty.

If it isn’t important then why have posts about how no one responds? Seems a little like a cry for wanting to be liked based on that post.

What is this but a cry for " like me! Respond! "