I think dementia has more to do with stamina than intelligence

You can be quite intelligent and have dementia. The energy just isn’t there.

Energy is part of the intelligence. Smart people think faster and can maintain focus for long periods of time.

Dementia has nothing to do with intelligence or stamina.


Yes, I’m not an authority. Just saying what it seemed like to me.

My father in law at 65 was a slab of muscle and a sharp dude. I watched him pick up an automatic transmission off his work bench and carry it across the shop to set on sawhorses. Did it unaided because he was that strong. He didn’t slow down and develop dementia until his 80s, and that’s because there’s a family history of it. My in-laws make me crazy, but I’ll be the first to say that his current condition (mentally 3 - 4 now) isn’t his fault.

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Yeah, it tends to be linked to family history in many cases.

Two of my grandparents had dementia, I often wonder if I will get it.

My Mom died from dementia
She was the light of my life.
Such a devastating and crippling disease.

It runs in our family.

Two of my Aunts also have dementia

My father is 90. No signs of dementia so far. I’ve heard that very intelligent people have the cognitive reserve to delay obvious signs of dementia, but when dementia becomes obvious there’s an acute and dramatic decline.

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How so? It reduces your memory by a lot. Memory is part of intelligence and IQ tests. I learned in my university psychology courses that the biggest intelligence factor is working memory.

I am not saying that it decreases your value as a human in any way.

I read a while ago that its a very similar illness to schizophrenia. Might try dig up that article to relearn why.
It also said that there is a link between dementia running in families and schizophrenia.

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