I think Dad lied about love

I could never be sure he loved me. He just wasn’t that stable. And Mom was too busy hating herself to even notice me.
I guess I’m still just looking for sympathy. It’s like I need to tell someone why I’m not normal.

Did you try psychotherapy and antidepressant meds?

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(good question, @Aziz :slight_smile: )

Yes. I have both. I don’t know what else to do.

I am not trying to downplay your difficulties but I think dysfunctional families is quite normal. idk, I might be wrong.

mental health issues seems to be the norm nowadays.

but we all have our unique issues, yea.

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Maybe he found it hard to love people, but he tried his best?

was your relationship with your dad strained? (if you don’t mind me asking )

Yes, it was strained. I couldn’t relax. He was a very nervous man.

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my dad is a very positive and understanding man. I find it hard to relate to his religiosity but anyways.
he is very supportive and non judgemental to me.

Maybe his religion makes the difference for him.

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yea I think it gives him a lot of strength.

whenever I have problems he always tells me to turn to God about it :grin:

Yes. I’ve heard “Let go and let God.”

Never heard that before. It has a funny ring to it lol.

Not meant to be funny. It means when you feel overwhelmed to stop clutching and let God handle it. I heard it on the Delilah radio program.

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what do you mean?

Clutching is a term that means sort of like panicking.

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