I think being delusional could be like being an addict/alcoholic in some senses

Not trying to start controversy

In the sense we don’t mature much when we’re consumed by our addiction/delusions

They say addicts “real age” is the age they started using but I tend to think Im more 14 (when I started having delusions) rather than 18 (when I became addicted to self medicating).

Of course I’ve matured a great deal. I’ve taken breaks from using a lot and had long periods of sobriety in my 12 years crazy life.

But I see my delusions in high school functioning the same as an alcoholic does.

Just couldn’t make any progress, growth in life.

for me alcoholism and getting clean from it has matured me just As much as delusions…and learning about life by dealing with them

Can anyone else with addiction/delusion issues relate to me that addiction is kindve a similar escape/coping mechanism to alcoholism

Feel free to tell me you completely disagree.

Just curious on people’s insights.

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Addictions is a kind of habit. Following the habit makes it stronger and some point it can be called addiction. Yes body get used to it and thus create a chemical, hormonal and other imbalances too but the point to note is the individual created it in the first place and the urges is due to the after effects, the more indulge in it more the urge and the cycle goes on. Withdrawal effects is natural whether its alcohol, drug or other even watching youtube daily creates addiction. But the thing is if its harmful to have such addiction then we need to stop it and prepare to meet the withdrawal stage and after that freedom comes and no longer need to do it.

Well I believe I was just as responsible for my delusions as my alcoholism. It’s a personal choice but cmon, everybody. I mean pretty much everybody. Used/uses chemicals to balance their life. Only about 20% of people who try drugs get addicted. Same number as alcoholism. It’s really insensible to blame a user for that first drink they ever picked up. Sure hold them accountable and realize they gotta change. But nobody and I mean nobody wakes up one day and says “oh wouldn’t it be nice to be an alcoholic or an addict”. People don’t actually self stigmatize themselves rather it is a disease just as schizophrenia is. (Not completely sure why ones called a disease and the other an illness)

For me I’d say my addiction was more beneficial than my delusions

Delusions were simply an escape. An excuse. A lie in my mind.

Thing is addiction fits all those categories too. But I think it serves a greater purpose than delusions. Addiction to me, and maybe it’s because I was sza Before I ever took a drug. But addiction actually had a purpose BEYOND escapism and masking feelings of reality. Like I said it does that as well, but the self medication is more than an escape.

I self medicated anxiety a lot. And trying to rid yourself of anxiety is a more purposeful thing than having a delusion in my opinion.

Now I’m on naltrexone for 5 years. So don’t have much addiction issues on this med. but drugs, illegal ones, albeit more harmful than legal ones for szs typically. Essentially served a similar purpose to me. Not suggesting anyone who’s against meds to try illicit drugs now, that’ll lead you down a daaaaark path.

The thing is that alcohol and other drugs helps to reduce your delusions so may be you are taking this for getting relief but the prob is if stop taking this delusions get worse also over time more and more alcohol and drugs need to get same relief feeling.

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Maybe so. Not trying to promote Alcohol/illegal drug taking.

Just saying that it had the same level of comfort escape from true emotions/feelings for a long time.

Since I had delusions before I ever drank or smoked pot or anything I think I may be qualified to make observations on this more than a lot of other people who hadn’t experienced these things in the succession that I did

Like lol when I’m lied to about drugs (and I still constantly am) it usually makes me wanna go self medicate A little. It’s a big trigger. The other day in iop I mentioned weed and she said “but weed makes depression so much worse”. Umm not for me. It is a mood booster for me but ok. I still am clean from weed

But You are right that drugs helped my delusions

Other people because of environmental /possibly genetic reasons sometimes don’t experience the same

It sure was a great relief. However abilify, naltrexone, lexapro and low dose klonipin is mostly what I need. Thanks for being understanding

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