I think and feel that football is defitnately my life purpose now


I don’t mean to play professionally or had big dreams about it,but I have been following football(soccer) for so
long now,continuous of 5 years as my subscription to football channels and English peamier league team is a reason why I think playing football on amateur or street level might be able to make me feel happy

I just talk to my case manager she asked me not to think,but go do it,i think I will plan to go join people on Saturday playing football,i don’t want it to be another temporary things,i hope playing football on amateur level will be a long term thing for me…just like my working out


I don’t think you can fulfill all your needs just by playing soccer. You need other things too.


yea,thats my interest,i need to have relationship and life also…but soccer is a interest that keeps me thinking


It`s a start!**