I think an old delusion is coming back

I’m catching whiffs of it here and there.
It’s the delusion that I’m a little… Sensitive. Psychic might be the word. Or extra perceptive.
I’ve suspected oddly specific things about people they’ve later confirmd, even if those things took place without me having contact with them or have any way of knowing.
I seem to pick up on emotions and unspoken needs as well.
I’m sure it’s a matter of coincidence and subconsciously picking up clues.

I don’t want to debate whether or not psychic individuals exist or not, or whether I could be one.

I just fear those beliefs crawling back into my head might mean I’m getting delusional again.

Is there any way to combat it or redirect my thinking?

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I’ve noticed this a lot in trauma survivorsl. When they start to listen to their gut again, they end up being hypersensitive to the natural cues of the world. Partly because their experience with trauma helps them recognize patterns more quickly, as a survival mechanism. Sometimes also partly because they got so used to ignoring danger cues to survive their trauma that they feel more connected to such cues now that they can listen to them again.

Does that sound at all relatable to you?


One way to redirect your thinking might be “I recognized a pattern and it led me to a correct conclusion. It is okay to trust my own instincts. This doesn’t make me psychic. This makes me an adaptable human being”


Yes, that does sound relatable. Makes sense :slight_smile:

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