I think Abilify

I think Abilify has been suppressing my appetite. I mean that’s not a bad thing with me being almost 70 lbs over weight but still I hardly eat and a lot of the time I force myself to eat.

It’s supposed to be weight neutral, but it increases my appetite. I’m on a diet now, so that’s not helping. Everybody’s different I guess.

Abilify does a similar thing to me. My body feels hungry but my mind does not.

I’m not complaining though

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Abilify increased my appetite !!

I’m on clozaril twelve year or so
Very hungry a lot
Had four slices bread today
Tomorrow I am definitely going to cut portions and stop comfort eating and making excuses

I actually got an increase in physical strength from Abilify. That surprised me. I had to come off it because it got me too amped up.