I tested positive for tuberculosis

About 4 years ago. I tested positive but I didn’t have full-blown. The doctor put me on some medication for three months. It was one pill every day and if I missed even one dose I would have to start all over. So I took the pills and now I’m fine!!!
While I’m at it, my doctor also told me I had pre-diabetes but when she referred me to a specialist he told me I did NOT have pre-diabetes.


I’m glad you made it through those things. I showed signs of pre diabetes once, but I’ve never been diagnosed.

If I remember correctly a doctor at a hospital I checked into thought I had a case of advanced stage syphilis because I had no filter at the time and was going around telling people things that no one would publicly share. He actually had me tested for it. What was really going on was that I had just completely begun to lose my mind.

And no I don’t actually have syphilis…

wow, what a scare @77nick77, that must have been scary for you. You never cease to amaze me that you are so dern cool !! You are an inspiration to me.

I was vaccinated for TBC when I was 2 years old. The did that in Finland. I don’t know if they still do.

I tested positive for tuberculosis too when they did the skin test. My doctor had to measure my rash to send to the state. That was years ago though. I also had to take the medication. They told me I would always test positive. Years later when I went in the hospital they didn’t listen to me and tested me anyway. I had no reaction. I was kind of pissed that they tested me anyway but I was glad I no longer had a reaction. :sunny:

I too have tested positive for TB in the mental hospital about 11 years ago.
They made me wake up and go to a regular hospital’s emergency room with a guard at 4AM for a chest x-ray. Came back negative.
Was warned since I tested positive once how important it was to NEVER be tested again. The next time in the hospital involuntarily, I had to repeat over and over that they were not going to test me. took about a half hour before the nurse finally understood and said ok, no test.

wow, thats mental :frowning:

For everyone who had to go through that, I am really sorry. I was very afraid of getting T.B. and somehow, managed to avoid it.

But it’s a very scary thing. I’m glad you all made a recovery and was able to beat it.