I tend to resent people as I get to know them

This guy at my house was telling a story about the frogs keeping him up at night so he went to the stream and poured a lot of bleach in and killed them. He said he slept fine after that… My intuition told me he wasn’t that good of a person in some regards but I tried to not judge him. Then he said this story and now I really resent him. another guy is racist and homophobic and perverted now that I know him. I invited him out to a concert with my gay friend and him and he said a homophobic joke right in front of my friend who’s gay. My friend didn’t mind. It bothered me more than it bothered him.


Do u live in a communal house?

Yes a sober house with tons of older alcoholics and drug addicts

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Yea people can be horrible - it’s always worth remaining calm and accepting that their behaviour is out of your control - that frog story would have made me a bit angry though! Poor frogs…


A side note—-

This lady was walking her dog down my parents lane and I told her as polite as I possibly could “this is actually a private lane, you’re not supposed to walk here” and she started YELLING and Cussing at me and being mean.

Ughhhh people…

Ruined my day.

I like having my own room / place.


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