I tend to fall into the sociopaths trap

Especially female sociopaths…two now ive completely lost my mind over. And even males,I seek their approval and they end up just making me feel shitty about myself. How do you avoid… Don’t really wanna go into details too much but how do you identify these people theyre real scary and…damn its a real real thing that these ppl exist. Most are hard drug addicts and I end up around them it seems and they take advantage of me and well crap!!! Makes me feel like crap!!!

Thought I had figured them out but theyre always just ONE leg up on you…They know how to make it seem believable by being 1, not 2, legs up on you every time. No matter how high you climb they always 1 up you.

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I tend to avoid people who are too charming or friendly.

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That’s probably a good idea. I’ve been a sucker for narcissists in my time.


Sociopaths are rarely hostile or offputting. So it’s okay to pursue friendships with malcontents, lol. At least you know if they’re lukewarm to you they aren’t trying to screw you.


My wife was a malignant narcissist.
I nearly died.

Glad to be divorced.


Oh this is so interesting. I have a family member that is either a narcissist or a sociopath and I can’t get out of it. I’m stuck with her.

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Yeah…I’m not like you. I’m not easily exploited because I understand people very well. I am terrified of them, constantly seeking signs of approval, reading and misreading their behaviors, but never completely connecting with a whole lot of them. My type is rarer, I think.

Whereas you seem more like…one of those types who interacts with people on a more connected way. By that, I mean you might be overly welcoming, easily accepting new people and ideas into your environment, both socially as well as psychologically. When you are very permeable and agreeable in that way, you might find yourself surrounded by people who you do not know or trust absolutely at some point.

If you ever feel unsafe, I think the best thing for you would be to find any way you can to cut loose or withdraw from any relationship you find to present the possibility of danger.

Since you seem to have stable friendships already, as well as a growing circle of friends and acquaintances, it shouldn’t hurt too much to stop talking to the few who don’t seem to want the best for you or themselves.

You are alive in your late 20s, living with a rare disease. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve had issues with addiction as well. The fact that you’re alive and kicking right now means you must be doing something right.

Live and learn, but make sure to stay safe at all times!


Yeah I think I understand people ok and I’m more street smart than book smart but the allure of the woman gets to me. So gullible about women. Haven’t been a victim of sociopathic abuse from anyone since I lived in the sober house in 2014-2015. But I’ve strengthened a lot since and don’t fall into the male-sociopath trap anymore. This is probably the last time I fall for a woman aspd…because you’re right you live and learn just like I learned with the males now I think I learned with the girls. She was the biggest sociopath of them all tho freaking scary yo. ■■■■.

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How many times you’ve been in a sober house?
Just curious

I thought you were a girl

This is probably what happened

Twice 2x. 1515151515

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I have no idea why I seek gratification from such awful people. Remember in 2014 this kid Cody. I kept saying “he doesn’t like me, he doesn’t like me, no way he likes me”. And I’m straight and all but I sought his approval so bad. And at first he did appear to like me. Then slowly but swiftly he threw me into the dirt and picked away at my bones till they were dry. So meticulously and carefully but suddenly. I didn’t know what hit me. I know now not to fall into people like Cody’s trap. I keep a healthy boundary and say the right things so they give me respect, even tho they don’t give an f about u, only themself.

why are you associating with drug addicts?

Well I’ve dealt with sociopaths I meet in sober houses/sober places. I used to have a total antisocial weed dealer when I was 18…what a crazy nightmare that was lol. And then I’ve met them at college, smoking pot w/ them, and then girls who either didn’t know they were drug addicts or just didn’t care cuz had too much lust for them.

Fuuucked amen brother. I thought I was smarter than my mom, but lots of addicts are too sneaky and will throw you, your feelings and self under the bus. Sux!

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you can do a lot better than that

you’re a good looking guy with musical talent

and a really good heart

don’t settle.

Thanks @daze it means a lot…

Good thing I’m quite indifferent to people and don’t get attach so easily. Cuz I am a naive happy person, some might see this as a weakness but the right people dont

And I surround myself with good people
My ex junky friends still want me to go back but I’m better then that

Not to mention my abuser from childhood from when I was 11…and again at 19… the perpetrator of my two biggest traumas. Well my mom has called him a sociopath on many occasions. Thought he was my friend but no. F that.