I talked with my father

I talked with my father about the mental health system that I was and he agreed with me that there in this service are many people with problems a lot more complicated than me. And he agreed to me about to only have psychologic terapies and psychiatric appointments, and to stop all the therapy groups because of the situation that I spoke before to you.

However, he doesn’t understand that sometimes the psychiatrist need to change my meds. He thinks that meds for schizophrenia is like meds for headache, he thinks that it all same mechanism of action.

I spoke to him that is not that way. But he doesn’t understand at all.

The antipsychotic meds are the meds that more have side effects, but he doesn’t understand.

I don’t know what to do in this case.

Some ideias?

Your father doesn’t understand your explanations. It’s not the explanations. Your father is unable to understand them. He can’t understand them. You’ll have to accept that he doesn’t understand them.


My father traveled to another city of this state to work,
he will only return on friday and my course will restart on thursday.