I talked to my son's Grandma tonight and I feel so much better

I’ve known her since I was 21 years old, so 32 years. We are very close. She’s an incredible woman. She’s in her 70’s and still works as a therapist for some of her long time clients that she has very close relationships with and didn’t end when she retired. I had to update her on the situation with my daughter and she was of course sad to hear. She is worried about my grandbabies and about me. She gave lots of great advice and support. And she’s sending money for my son in law. I’m so glad I have her in my life.


It’s wonderful that you have someone like her to help you through this rough time. :heart:

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So great to have those kind of supportive people in your life! :blush:


It’s nice to have these supportive people like her in your life!

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