I take my breath away

I can be a real narcissus. It’s all just a withdrawl, but, really when I get soooo excited over a small win, I have to wonder if it has not gone too far.

chordy, do you talk to the other residents in your home? Just wondering -

Small talk. Usually, I’m alone in my room.

You’re kinda smart. Is there anyone there you might have things in common with if you did talk to them?

I know what you mean by - in your room. Inside + out. The place I lived where there were other people I kept to myself for good reasons. Now I think there were quite a few interesting people there that would be friend possibilities, if I I had been so inclined.

I tend to draw a blank socially. I should try to actually write down ideas about what to talk about - without actually carrying the list with me - lol.