I take my area for granted

I’ve been thinking of the thread that talks about… who comes out with their SZ and who doesn’t.

I am pretty open and I do lay it out there, maybe a little more then I should. I was wondering why I don’t seem to hit the same stigma and problems that others have reported.

I live 15 minutes away from the UW medical research center. They do a lot of medication research, and a lot of therapy research and they ask for volunteers for studies so there are a lot of people who suffer a lot of different stuff all over the place here. There are a lot of resources through many of the hospitals that work with the UW.

So when I say I have Schizophrenia, many people don’t even bat an eye. Which is most likely why I say it so much. The pharmacy I go to is IN the center so I’m just one OF many who gets antipsychotics.

Worried about how I might come off in public? I know I get stressed about how I might fail in public, how it might be noticeable that something is wrong with me… I do have anxiety about being out in public.

But then my sis will take my hand and say… Remember last week when those two very drunk, very high frat boys got naked and started being sexually intimate in front of the frozen peas? You can’t top that.

As of 2012 there are 634,535 people in our city. So everyone is too busy to worry or wonder about me. I’m just one of over half a million. With that large of population, there are many more people like me or having other problems.

When other people report horrid stigma and problems, I’m sometimes confused. But then I have to tell myself, different parts of the nation have different laws resources and perceptions. I do take my area for granted.


I think your approach/attitude may have as much to do with it as location.