I take 3-4 baths a day

Usually to keep from boredom, what does everyone else do?


Every couple of days.

I’m college I showered a lot because of stress.

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“what does everyone else do?”

hang out here. movies. books. walks. music. visit family and friends. video games.


Yeah, in college I used to shower more often to relieve stress. Also during my last job pre-illness I used to shower quite often and grit my teeth and clench my fists under the downpour, swearing to myself that I will turn my life around :smile: Well, it seems life did turn around for me, just not the way I hoped it would.

Hey, but now I am back in business. I’ve got this ilness under control !! Take cover, cause I’m spontaneously releasing powerful bursts of joy and hope. If they hit you, …umm… you might stop showering 4 times a day :smile: among other good changes :smile:


Once after gym and once before bed

When I go to the gym it’s 5 baths a day.

Ugh. You just made me realize I’m going to have to start bathing daily when I start going to the gym next week. Booooooooo. I hate bathing. It makes me feel awful because if my heart condition. Add in the amotivation and lack of energy and it’s going to be miserable. 50/50 that’s the thing that makes me not want to go work out after a while.

I used to get two baths a day when I lived at my mums but now I only have a shower so I use it like 2-3 times a week haa

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Every day or every other day.

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used to take long hot showers out of boredom but I’m down to 2-3 showers a week now…too much dries your skin out

@LED I promise you the shower/Bath after a good work out, feels like a reward. Let me know if you want some moral support for the gym! We could plan a virtual work out plan


Brushing teeth is more important.

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Every other day
I used to be too ill to bath often now I bath every other day and enjoy it
I use The body shop mango bath gel and body lotion


(person from drought-ridden apocalypse 10 years from now): Are you ■■■■■■■ serious!?


Because if my heart and limited mobility I’m pretty restricted in what I can do. Plus I was an exercise science major for 3.5 years at University. I think I’ve got my bases covered. I don’t actually think I’ll have a hard time sticking to the routine. I love exercising, I just have a hard time limiting myself to what I can safely do now. But thanks.


@LED that is impressive (exercise science major)

Well, I wish you all ththe best of luck! Please do let me know how you progress!

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I have to remind myself to shower on days when I don’t go out. Probably take three baths a day. But if I’m going out even if it’s just to the convenience store for an iced coffee I like to look and smell my best. I probably spend more time getting ready than I do in the convenience store itself

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I personally cannot bath, because it grosses me out, makes me nauseous, and my skin crawl.
When I’m doing well, I’ll shower every second day, sometimes daily. When I’m doing terrible or stuck in an episode, my hygiene suffers, and I can’t even seem to so much as brush my teeth.
It seems to be a common thing on here, a universal side effect of psychotic disorders.

Get in my car and terrorize the populace. I made exceptions for about 20 or 25 people who looked like they were struggling. I let the homeless alone though and try to give them a little attention, it’s not nice to ignore them and they are almost always nice to me when I am nice to them even if I can’t afford to give them anything.