I switched generics and now I’m manic


Most people will tell you that there is no difference between generics, but I swear that I’ve fealt it to. There is just something that isn’t the same, no idea what or why.
Everytime I’ve had a bad reaction to a med it’s been from a certain generic manufacturer, with several different meds included in this.

Hope that all this settles down for you soon!


I noticed a slight difference with my ap aripiprazole.
I prefer the Zentiva brand cos the other brands make me slightly more drowsy compared to that one. Or so it seems.
Maybe it’s slightly a manufacturer thing. I’d request the other brand back if u can.


I’ve recently changed from the Mylan Haloperidol to the Zydus. This is starting my second month, and I am more tired on these Zydus tablets. I sleep for 12-13 hours and then nap for an hour around 2-3 p.m.

Not going to change any time soon either, unless I just get used to it - the Mylan tablets are on shortage and out of stock, and my pharmacy ordered me enough of the Zydus to get me through May.

Best wishes that you manage to settle down soon. I definitely think there are differences between generics though.


This happens.

Generics are supposed to be bio-equivalent to their brand name counterparts but sometimes they’re not exactly the same in any given individual. Talk to your prescribing doctor about this. Give the generic a fair trial but ask for next prescription to be written “dispense as written” or “brand name only” or something similar. Your doc may need to fill out extra paperwork to get your brand name drug.

The FDA does not require the same standards from generics that it does with trade names. In addition, there can be different fillers and binders so the formulation is not exactly the same. If you were obtaining relief from a particular generic, ask for that manufacturer. Ask your pharmacy which brand they dispensed to you.


They r same structure atoms and bonds and everything
They r cheaper only
If you have enough money ask your doctor to prescribe brands


Thanks for your responses guys!
I’ll keep an eye out on things.


I have always taken brand name Seroquel, i.e., it says Seroquel on the box. I want the absolute best and there to be no doubt about the quality or manufacturing of the tablets. The full cost is $33.85, but I pay $6.40. I don’t know about the US, but in pretty much any western country I think it would be quite easy to obtain brand name medications and price would not be an issue.


Unfortunately I get heart palpitations on brand name Risperdal at 3mg and 4mg.


I agree with @saynow. The chemical structure is all the same no matter what the brand is. So as long as the dose is the same, there should be no difference.


I’m telling you that there are differences that I’m feeling.

It’s not all in my head.

With this particular generic I’m feeling more active.

Getting up earlier in the morning but the good news is I’ve been listening to lots of music.