I swear people are just trying to antagonise me

Getting really pissed off with all these people.

Had enough of it

Others wonder why I behave the way I do sometimes when they have all these ridiculous rules

Honestly, does my ■■■■■■■ head in


What are gangstalkers?

Low life pieces of turd that have got nothing else better to do than than try n make life hell screw them dude

I guess it’s not as bad as that.

Lost contact with people who do that years ago, and they leave me alone now

Now I deal with different turds in the form of mental health professionals.

I am putting distance from them now too

how are they antagonizing you?

sorry to hear they doing that though…

The Psychiatrist is saying he cannot help me with meds anymore, as he doesn’t want to just sedate me - at my request

This morning I cut off my case manager, as he was just telling me that I need to help myself, but could not explain how to do this?

Just now I got an email from the employment specialist, who’s hopelessly out of touch about my employment affairs. This was not warranted comms. She copied in my case manager and I just flipped

She wanted me to do access to work in the UK, and I flipped out at them this morning as they wanted me to do a 3 year business plan for only 9 months support?!?!?!?!

I have had it with all these ■■■■■■■ people

Why is their support only for fixed terms then your supposed to be fine after that?

Psychology, 15 sessions and your supposedly cured. Employment specialist, 12 months of 1 call for 10 mins a month, and your employment situation will be cured?

This is all a ■■■■■■■ nonsense

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oh sorry to hear they not really helping at all… =/

True. But mine freely admits there is nothing he can physically do to help me

Seems like a waste of time just ‘chatting’, when nothing is done about it

I have for all intents and purposes severed my contact with them now. Waste of both our time

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