I swear he had sociopathic tendencies

Wish I handled it better now

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what’s a sociopath? keep hearing it. trending word…

oh well. least you’re safe.

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I thought you handled it well.

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Well yes maybe I never revealed my true wealth status

You took care of it just in time @anon80629714

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Well he deserved to treated with care and respect.

ish, a partner is not someone to do favor to him or her, we say it equal in our language, he must be like you, if he had enough love for you, you may spend whole of your money for him, but partnership is not about charity or sympathy, don’t blame yourself🙋

I had a money grubbing boyfriend in college. It was good to leave him finally.

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I got unblocked from fb and WhatsApp and his profile pic is scarring me says something like don’t consider kindness for weakness beast in me is sleeping not dead.

I think you’re better off without him. Don’t give up on all men, though.

Sociopaths hide it well, very very good liars.

But deep inside there is the mind of a reptile.

It hunts you and your resources with it’s slitted feelingless eyes.

The psychopath on the other hand doesn’t care if you know and he’ll just hurt you and laugh even if he goes to jail for it.

The sociopath in this way is much more dangerous, it will bleed you dry and you won’t know it’s coming until it’s to late. They are also known for secret killings. They are very good liars.

I think sociopaths are people who don’t have conscience when hurting people. I used to call some people that too a lot. Now choosing my words carefully. I moved on.

I think he is just a normal guy - most guys are like that - weirdos =) and like 99.9% of people have disorders and weird characteristics.

Good luck =)

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What makes him a sociopath? Did he do anything to make you think that? I think you are doing what a lot of people seem to do after breaking up and demonizing the other person.

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I’m not demonising him I’m just trying to understand what’s going on and how I’ve been feeling. I could be wrong and overthinking it.