I survived

I made it threw the party

after 2 and half hours i told my mom i was done couldnt deal anymore

we also had an appointment with the tattoo artist so we needed to go anyway

she saw all her old friends but there was a bunch of kids crying and running around i mean its a kids party so what should i expect

my friend was there but he doesnt like his family cause they get into politics and his boyfriend is very political so they dont mesh

but what ever i made it threw and got my appointment for my tattoo next thursday so im happy


Glad you made it through. :koala::koala::koala:

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@GrayBear ty!!!

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Yay you!.. You’re getting a tattoo???

@Twialine yup im actually getting 2 separate ones
dopey holding a cardnial and a portrait of jojo my service dog who has passed


@yoda123 ohhh sounds amazing! If you’d like post pics of your tattoos! I like tattoos! I got 5 myself

i will post them after i get them

i already have 3

how do you post pics

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@yoda123 awesome!

At the right bottom of the reply screen there is a rectangle with an arrow pointing up click or tap that and it will bring up your pictures and you will be able to upload I think it’s either 5 or 10 photos at once


@Twialine you like?

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@yoda123 yeah! They’re really cool!

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@Twialine ty!!!

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@yoda123 you’re welcome

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I’m glad you made it through.

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@SpringRose ty!!!

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Is it true you can’t sweat where you tattoo?

Dee plane. Dee plane!!!

I went to my cousin 2day and hated it, they made me eat a lot and my stomach hurts now. I should never go outside my home.

Did you enjoy the party?

i know people covered over their whole body

i never heard that you cant sweat where you tattoo

i could be mistaken

i sweat where some of my tattoo are