I survived my colonoscopy

You have to be a real Brave person to go through the things you do for colonoscopy starving for a day it’s nothing but liquids cleansing yourself at the end of the day with a liquid that cleans your guts out drinking a gallon of this until it is totally clear in color sleeping through the night on an empty stomach waiting at the office till your procedure is ready answering your paperwork and your questionnaires and the doctors questions before surgery things to also consider if your blood sugar levels while going through this I’m happy to say that I survive this I had two polyps removed thank you again for your support Zen


Well done DrZen !


Great that you got them removed. I hope all is well now,


I dont know what polyps are, but great!

I had surgery to remove polyps from my nose sinuses. I breath much better since then.

They’re an abnormal growth of tissue.

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Good for you @DrZen!

I had a combo colonoscopy and endoscopy in 2020. I posted the pictures of my colon on my blog too. I’m sure everyone thought it was very sexy! lol

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