I suffer, is this can get better?

i suffer from the emotional emptiness. i have rage because of it… is this can get better? its just painfull inside me :confused:

I think a lot of sz’s suffer from that. My own emotions are pretty screwy. I’ve more or less made peace with some of that.

i feel a lot of anger still even on meds…maybe its the morning, i woke up one hour ago

What are your hobbies, Anna? What are you good at and enjoy doing?

i am not good at anything :frowning: i watch tv and surf on the net. lately, i color some mandalas… i pace at home, cant do a lot of things, i am bad…

I bet you’re good at something…you just haven’t mentioned it yet. Have you thought about taking a hobby course for fun/relaxation?

My wife loves photography. Would that interest you?

i speak 4 languages, probably its that :slight_smile:

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See you are smart! Just work on your English more and you’ll be golden! Maybe you can work as an English tutor or translator?

That’s amazing! What 4 languages do you speak?

Okay, obviously English. The other 3?

thanks patrick :slight_smile: i speak bulgarian, russian, french, english… my father was proned on education, i ve been learning all this in the fear of him… but i grew up,i still cant make peace with my unhappy childhood. my father died because of some mentall illness messed up with alcohol and i still cant have feelings for him…

Ca c’est formidable!! :wink:

oui, cest pas mal :slight_smile: with all this languages i could probably learn with more some facilities some italian or spanish for example but i feel still bad… my french is better than my english cause ive studied sociology in france… :slight_smile: you speak french also?

I speak a little French…my wife is a francophone and both my daughters are bilingual. So I’m learning off of them from time to time.

thats great. some find french difficult but i had a fast brain at the time… i was getting some things fast but others i didnt get nothing at all- like physics for example or geometry lol :slight_smile:

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