I suffer from social anxiety

and Christmas is on the way…what will I do…feeling nervous…

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Christmas is a sucky time of year for me too. Not just because of the social aspect. I got a few emergency benzos from my doctor to help me over the next few weeks. I’ve already used 2 of them.


Christmas time has sucked for me the past four years,
You’d think the Christmas spirit would cheer up my mood this time of year :persevere:

As for social anxiety just one of those things in the mix you have too struggle through, benzos may help.
Try to be realistic with yourself about situations you may come to face in the future, they may not be as bad as you envision.

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what are benzo’s

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I struggle during the holidays, too. I think a lot of us do. You’re not alone.

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Pills that calm you down. They’re only for short term use as they’re addictive and they stop working once your body gets used to them.

I’ve been prescribed a few 0.5mg Clonazepam pills.

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Medication used for anxiety.

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