I suffer from social anxiety

i just have a sense of nervousness when im around people

anyone else this way…any tips?

Taking a Beta-blocker can help with the physical symptoms of anxiety.

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Me? Definitely. A lot of people like us have that, probably more than those who don’t have it.

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just off cuff things said or done

just not knowing if anyone is going to harm me, or insult me

anything can happen
and I am very aware of little things
that may not matter at all.

I have it. My therapist says that is where a few of my symptoms stem from. I know people hate me and there’s nothing that will convince me that people aren’t just tolerating me. Even people that do nice things for me I believe it is just because of my family.

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any other tips anyone (for living with social anxiety)

I have social anxiety, its from my perception of how schizophrenia makes me different. What helps is dressing nice I guess.

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