I suffer from immense pressure, live in a terrible pressure cooker

My schizophrenia is a terrible pressure cooker,
I wish I could do suicide and escape, escape from this terrible suffering.
I wish I could have an easy and comfortable life,
but I live under constant terrible pressure,
even when I do intense aerobic exercise I am pressured in parallel by intrusive thoughts.

I thought you liked puzzles. Maybe do a puzzle or two?

@dougRN thank you for advice, I have no way out, even when I do puzzles or intense aerobic exercise,
these voices, these intrusive thoughts, always out to get me, always torturing me.
Never able to rest or relax.

I am sorry to hear that. Have you talked with your doctor?

If you don’t take meds, what do you expect? To heal naturally?

you shouldn’t be living like this

we have modern medicine

we have options.

If you do not wish to do medicine, try meditation. Just sitting quietly to have NO thoughts can help. I use a free Android app called Insight Timer where you can make your own meditation timer with or without music. It is very relaxing. You could also get a sleeping music maker that has water sounds or something similar to just enjoy quiet nature sounds to relax.

@Chess24 I often feel pressure and the quietness with relaxing music helps me release that pressure. I often feel like I will explode.

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