I struggle with how scary this condition is

And how unpredictable it is.

My sign that I might be getting positive symptoms is a really weird pressure in my brain.

Does anyone else get this?

I don’t know if it’s the right term but like… Wired.


My conditions theme’s are so scary.

It’s like could it BE any scarier? (FRIENDS reference)


I wish I could talk about it but it makes it feel even more real.


What kind of positive symptom is happening?

The pressure in your head feeling could be anything from perception, to headache or migraine, or sinus pressure.

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…knowing there’s no guarantee I won’t relapse and end up in hospital…the worst place to be besides the DMV on a crowded Friday morning.

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I’m not getting any symptoms at the moment. I’m just thinking back. And wanted to make a thread.

I have noticed finally that I always get that brain sensation everyyy time I’m about to get ill.

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