I stopped picking at my nails!

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you that I FINALLY found a fidget toy that keeps me from picking my fingernails and hangnails! And it’s cheap!you can buy them for like $2 or less, and order a bulk pack online for cheap.


This works better than other fidgets for me, because it is always on my wrist at all times, but can also be quickly pulled off into a straight line. Other fidgets didn’t work for me because either I needed 2 hands to use it,or else I had to set it down somewhere after using it and it would get lost.

It has also been useful for being able to listen better in face to face conversations. I have a big problem with looking at my phone when people are talking, and this has cut my screen time by a significant amount. I highly recommend these!


I might try this.

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That’s great! 15151515

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I’m glad you found a solution. And a cheap solution to boot.

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Me today enjoying the outdoors


Congrats @ninjastar
Way to go!

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What are they called or do you have a link to Amazon? :rhinoceros::rhinoceros::rhinoceros:

Amazing. How happy for you. I accidentally scratch myself all the time. I can’t keep my nails short enough. New babies sometimes scratch themselves in the face because they are a little spastic after birth.

Pop it bracelet

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Thank you. I am gonna check it out. :llama::llama::llama:

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