I still try to be "normal"

even though they say sz is a chronic disease i am one who cannot stop trying to be well.

maybe it is better to just give it up and make the best of things.

what about you guys and gals?

what’s your opinion?


p.s. i think i am too tired to keep it up and will just make do from now on.


There is no such thing as normal.

Be you and be proud. People will LOVE you sooo much when you just be you, just embrace it and be confident. Dont shy away from it


that’s very sweet of you to say wallafish. thanks, judy

So how are you feeling any different from your desired “normal” behavior? If you’re unsure, start by gathering feedback from friends or relatives, you might be positively surprised.

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I say “who cares about what the normals do”? I live my life, the way I want…it’s better that way.


I think I might recently come to a decision that I’m not giving up any more. But it’s hard. Just have to take one day at a time and make the best of it.

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