I still cant find a beautiful blushing bride

i was thinking about joining match.com but i am a bit worried about it :unamused:

Start with trying to find a female friend :rainbow:

yeah, i have a friend but i want a family but i cant have that with her so now i’m looking for a person who wants to start a family with a washed up old sz like me :frowning:

Is having a family a good idea if you have schizophrenia? A family’s for life not just for Christmas.


There are a few women I have passed up that I wish I hadn’t. They talk about guys who are “diamonds in the rough” but there are a lot of girls like that too. You might try going for some girl who isn’t fashionable and see how she dresses up.

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Beautiful and blushing hmmmm! She could be blushing for all the wrong reasons. And a beautiful woman is normally another mans woman. Also do some background checking as your blushing beauty can be the floating trophe of all the men in a local pub.
Good luck with finding the right girl for you. They are out there…but for me… I have called it a day and will die a bachelour.

I don’t think anyone should be judging responsible, mentally stable adults with sz who chose to make a family with other responsible, mentally stable adults. (But if both have sz or something… that would be a bad idea for sure)

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wow, you really give me hope :cry:

idk what to do, i’m thinking of giving up tbh

I wouldn’t suggest having kids as Plan A. It wasn’t MY Plan A, I’ll be upfront about that. (It turns out a doctor was rather incorrect about my sterility, since rectified.) I’m also very lucky to have a stable non-SZ wife as a partner in raising our daughter – she has kept things level when I wasn’t.

If you are not able to live on your own without assistance, that’s not a good sign for being able to handle child rearing. Yeah, there are those doing it, but that’s kind of like juggling meat cleavers in the middle of a tornado. Blind-folded. While standing on one foot.

My 2 cents as someone who has nearly crumbled under the strain of parenting on several occasions.


Man I’d be content with a short lived parasitic as always relationship of any sort (so has gone my 20’s) right now let alone a bride. Anything…five years now and no companionship for me. Love though…have, a very long time ago. I have no idea who I am though…permenant, perpetual identiy crisis, I guess I base who I am on who you are while trying to somehow stay true to self (who is that?) so love…

complicated as hell and frustratingly a thing seemingly of the past.

how do/did you deal with the possibility of sz getting passed on?

Don’t give up. Just try to go into any relationship with both your eyes open. It is no good to marry someone when both of you are besotted at each other because the reality will strike as soon as that has worn off. Take time to get to know someone. Don’t be fooled by old folks portrayel of love and marriage. They also have skeletons in their cupbourds that no one knows about and yet they make it work.


i dont think i can do it

We weren’t going to have kids of our own. We were considering fostering/adopting kids. Maybe. There is cancer on Mom’s side and SZ and diabetes on my side. The kid missed out on Type I diabetes, thank heavens, but we have the other two to worry about. The pregnancy was a real surprise – I was supposed to be sterile.


That might be the best thing anyone has ever said all year. I really did not think about it that way. We’re only seeing the end of 80 something year relationships with old people. We haven’t seen those failed in two month ones. A+ fellowman A+.

You would probably be more successful on Christian Mingle. They would have the kind of girl you’re looking for more than match.com.

whats wrong with thinking everything will work out ok?

everyone wants a bed of roses dont they? i know i do

I think you will find a beautiful bride finally, daydreamer. You are a nice bloke. But I guess you will become more attractive to women after you graduated and find a job.

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thanks, the meds probably made me sterile @SzAdmin do meds do that?

I asked my pdoc that he said no.

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