I stay on facebook but sometimes it makes me feel poor

for instance, I just saw some pics on facebook of my brother and his wife going on the Royal Gorge train ride with my biological father and my step mom…some people including a lot on facebook are always doing something expensive like traveling to Europe , etc…but it’s an outlet for me to reach family and friends so I stay on…


Almost everyone I knew from high school has obtained at least an upper middle class life by now. I went to a prestigious high school so people took their lives very seriously. But they still like my photos. There’s always fairytale weddings, houses to buy, vacations, guys with pretty girlfriends, etc. I didn’t make many college friends and really only still talk to 3 of them. These days I have poor friends too who put up pictures of poor people things like going out for Chinese or working at restaurants. I am happy with my life choices, so their posts don’t bother me these days. I do get jealous of people with lots of friends, though. I only kept mostly the nice people on fb, not the ones who think they are better than you and everything. I guess the only two things that bother me these days are my mental health and not having a partner. I guess my high school boyfriends were nice compared to all the bad fit guys I met online. I guess life is unpredictable and the last few years have actually been a blast, despite setbacks. ^.^


facebook is a crock of shiit.

Everyone is just competing whos got the best life !!


People on facebook showoff


Facebook is full of fake happiness and materialism. Shallow.


I am a member of two schizophrenia groups on Facebook. They’re not bad

I gave my first Like in months on FB and I’m thinking to myself is this really making my life or the FB person’s life any better? Wow! I Liked a quote. Yay!

Lol! I don’t understand the need to update every toot and tooth ache. If we fall into a dystopian society in the coming hours the social media withdrawals are going to be pandemic.

I see what you are saying though. But if the situation were reversed would you feel fully justified in posting your adventure?

Quit FACECRACK,TWATTER Brother, I will be sober 2 years from it in December feel so much better for it,more productive,loving life and myself more and I honestly couldn’t give a FOOK what my so called former FACECRACK friends are upto or not!

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Some of my FB friends are well off and some aren’t. Either way it doesn’t bother me too much , as there are not great shows of wealth .

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