I starting to soup diet.any recommendations?

Hi all;

Since i gain extra 3 kilo i decided to soup diet.have you any recommendations regarding to this diet?

I imagine a soup diet really healthy as you can use all different vegetables
I used to make roasted garlic and tomato soup
I’m too lazy now to make soup

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When i was australia i saw that asian people mostly drink soup instead of regular meal.i also gain tea habit when i was asia.actually i love asian people habits.its great ancient culture

Sweet potato, courgette, and broccoli or spinach. Try not to use potato or carrots because they’re high in carbs and sugar. Good luck, three kilos is not hard to lose :slight_smile:

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You need to change the way you eat for a lifetime.


And that’s the truth.

Beware the fad diet. They may help you lose weight rapidly but you usually end up gaining the weight back plus even more.

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I’m doing that myself. I got load of vegetarian soups with no carbs like rice or pasta. Going to put cheese or fruit with it.

Friend easily lost her baby weight with it.

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I wish I only had 3 kilos to loose

What’s baby weight? Your diet sounds tasty.

If you’re want to cut out carbs - fruit has them. They are healthy foods though.

What is baby fat? Is it different than other fat?