I started to take a supplement


Lecithin :pill: Anyone else take it? I find this supplement helpful for me :slight_smile:


Never heard of it …!!! What its name…is it for negative symptoms…ulian…?? Take care …


No @far_cry0 it’s just a supplement, you can google it :slight_smile:


It says it is good for memory…and for illness like alzhimer and dementia… thanks for sharing Dragon…take care…



I haven’t tried it yet. What benefits are you seeing with it? I take l theanine which has helped my anxiety and recently have been taking GABA for mood, i think it might be helping a little so far.


My pdoc sugested me this supplement because i was complaining about the fact that i cant focus, i could not learn and i felt like a brain fatigue. I’ve been on it since 3 weeks ago and i noticed some changes like : not feeling tired anymore, i can focus better on what i have to do, i don’t forget so easily things etc… Before this med i was in bed at 6 pm usually, now i can stay until 11 or 11:30 pm and i don’t feel tired. Briefly this med helped me and i’m gonna keep taking it, it’s basically for the brain not for anxiety or moods. A cousin of mine take it too and he is a driver, no side effects because it’s a supplement


Cool man,

Definetly update us on the benefits you have from it.

What is it for negative symptoms ?


It is not a psychiatry med, everyone can try it. It’s mainly to improve/boost your brain. If ihad Sarcosine in my country(Romania) i would surely take Sarcosine instead of Lecithin. But we don’t have it here so i tried Lecithin to help a little bit my brain. My pdoc said i must take it at least 2 months to notice an improvement so i will keep taking it.