I started doing sports! Proud!

Two years ago I gained 20kg on zyprexa. I used to be slim and somewhat muscular and now i am “curvy” (euphemism ;)). And, my current AP makes me tired and unmotivated. And I just stopped doing sports when I got ill, which probably didnt help.

Soo…I decided to start going to the fitness club to improve my body and my energy and mindset/discipline.

I went to a somewhat more fancy club, not the cheapest, with a sauna and someone helping you to get started and making a program for you and all. They measured me and I was a little shocked. I have the metabolic age of a 50 y/o (im 35)…before zyprexa I always had a supergood metabolism, also on haldol, I could eat anything and still be underweight.

But…I already went three times this week! I am very proud! I finally managed to break through the fatigue/laziness and get started. I really hope to keep up the work and hope that I notice improvement in body and mind.

I sometimes share my scary thoughts here, also wanted to share some positive improvements.


Wow. That’s a big achievement. No wonder you’re proud. Well done ! :sunny:

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Thanks! :blush: 15151515

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