I start work tomorrow

I’m not really that excited. It’s a good company, good pay and seems like a good job. We’ll see how it goes. :grinning:


What kind of work is it?

Not a damn clue.

Good luck. Hope it goes well for you.

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that’s what you said last time…you are a troll I think…

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I agree with Jukebox,

You’ve said this a few times and never know what kind of work it is.

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Easy peeps. Keep it civil and supportive.


I need to wear steel toe boots.

Is it like a temp job?

Like you show up and do whatever work has been called in that day?

Not at all. I just post a lot and I’m dumb so people think that.:bearded_person:t2:


It’s an actual company.

I made it to work this time.

It was nice I didn’t wake up by an alarm. I woke up five mins before my alarm.

I thought about being an electrician but it seems so damn hard. Near impossible for a schizophrenic.

congrats man,


so what did you have to do?

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Looks like I’m going up in the air. I’ve been waiting for this type of excitement. Airborne ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. :joy:

I’m reading something about a fall protection harness.

I dunno. I dunno. :thinking:

Your work is okay with you being on the forum?

What do you mean you’re going in the air?

Awesome, hope it goes good for you!

It’s going well. There are only going to be three other people on night shift. I make 21 an hr. That could be more if they hire me permanently. I’m working out in the heat. I actually enjoy working in the heat. It will cool off at night.

I’m on break.